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Tom de Havas


My emphasis is on bringing together Science & Technology, Art & Design, and Innovation & Industry. I have broad ranging interests.


I have 12 years experience of business, in technology and design. I was a co-founder and director of Nexus Alpha Ltd bespoke transport information systems, and prior to that I did extensive work for BBC Education. You can find out more about me by looking at my cv at; www.tomdehavas.com

I founded Medway Makers in 2013 to try and get more people feeling the pride and power of making things.

Why Reality Games?

My initial inspiration for reality gaming was because many young people today are busy escaping the real world and running to the virtual worlds of computer games or recreational drugs, and I wanted to bring them back to the real world at the same time as showing them that the real world is, or at least can be, a "magical" place if we invest some time into it.

Science Faction is creating experiences in the real world that enable participants to learn and develop new capabilities beyond their expectations, that can be used in real life.

It is not for nothing that the term "wizard" has been given to scientists. Science and its applications in technology and its delivery through design and industry, is the real "magic" of the modern age.

Tom de Havas

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Rebecca de Havas


Freelance illustrator and Graphic Designer.

I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2014 with a degree in Illustration. From there I worked at WHM "What's Happening Magezine", a Brighton based glossy magazine, as their lead Graphic Designer as well as managing the magazine, organising photo shoots, contributing to 5 issues and writing online articles.

Since 2015, I have been helping Science Faction Ltd with Graphic Design, where I have contributed my experience and creative abilities to visualise Science Faction as a brand, and give an atmosphere to its projects through image making and digital media. I love the fact that Science Faction is letting people experience a new world within their own and I love taking part in creating that by using inspiration from film artwork and props, to show visually exciting things and create a strong ambience for our clients.

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From Science Fiction to Science Faction

Loading Science fiction is much older than we imagine. A Japanese tale from the 10th Century tells of how a bamboo cutter discovers a tiny child in a shining stalk of bamboo. She has been sent to earth from the moon and must return to the moon in the end.

Loading What distinguishes a tale of science fiction from the many fairy tales that have been passed down for generations, is that the phenomena within them are attributed to the mysterious application of properties of nature, rather than magic or other supernatural powers.

Science is the study of natural phenomena and technology is the application of them.

In the time of the tale of the bamboo cutter, there was very little science, but now at the beginning of the 21st century, science and the resulting technology has turned a great deal of fiction into fact.

Science fiction has always stirred the imagination.

We hope that Science Faction will do the same - through our exploratory outdoor adventures and live projects that you can be a part of.

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Trading Disclosures

The following information is made public as required by The Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008

Science Faction Ltd was incorporated on 25th September 2014 under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company limited by shares and registered in England and Wales company number 9234475. Its registered office is at 12 Dunlin Drive, St Mary's Island, Chatham ME4 3JE and this is the address for all correspondence.

Science Faction Ltd has had 1 company director since incorporation, Mr Thomas Henry Frederic de Havas born 16th December 1961, nationality British.

Science Faction Ltd has;

Total number of paid up shares 16348 nominal value £163.48p All shares are held by the director.

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