The Radio Activity

Radio Building

Students from The Cambridge International Education & Cultural Centre. doing Science Faction's Radio Activity in The Historic Dockyard Chatham. Our greatful thanks for the help provided by Medway Makers.

We build radios with people from 8 to 80 years of age. These are not simple crystal sets that we build, yet we have a 100% completion rate. The best moment is the smile you get at the end when a person hears their radio burst into life. That moment is priceless.


It takes from two to four hours for a complete beginner to build a medium wave radio (53O kHz to 15OO kHz) as we teach them to solder and to work carefully, paying attention to the details and getting things right.

Engineering is very unforgiving and any mistakes mean the radio will not work first time. That is Engineering. But when a person makes a mistake, we are not there to reprimand them, we are there to support and encourage them and provide them with the missing capabilities they need to put things right. So everybody can feel the pride of taking home a working radio.

The Radio Activity

A day can be arranged for groups of 12 to 48 people. Cost varies from £18 to £50 per head, depending on numbers and venue.

This is a 2 to 4 hour indoor fun learning activity for 14-year-olds and over, or 8-year-olds and over, if accompanied by an adult. All adults seem to enjoy this.

Radio Activity Cost

The basic setup cost is £80.

The tuition cost varies as we aim to have a maximum of 12 students per tutor;

£80 for 12 or less students,

£160 for 24 or less students,

£240 for 36 or less students,

£320 for 48 or less students,

Please contact us if you have more than 48.

Then add £8 per student to cover the cost of radio parts.

Venue Cost

If you would like to do the Radio Activity in The Historic Dockyard Chatham as shown in the picture and video, please add £240 to the setup cost and add £7.50 to the per-student cost. It is a spectacular location and when not building their radios students get to explore the ships, submarine and museums there. Its a great day out.

If you will provide your own venue add 80p per mile from chatham. Be aware you will need to supply tables and seating for students. We normally put 4 per 6x2 foot table.


Book at least 6 weeks in advance, contact us;

email - tomdehavas@gmail.com

tel - 07971 308270

We have run this workshop at the Xi'an International Maker Faire in China!