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Organisations Expect That

Organisations are coming to expect that team building will mean lasting positive changes in their people, and improvements in the quality of what those people can deliver, to the organisation, and its customers.

Our training inspires that transition through a game, that is sufficiently real and sufficiently unfamiliar, so as to disrupt entrenched culture and replace it with something better.

We present people with a mission they may believe is impossible, with problems that seem beyond their capability. Problems they thought they could never solve, in forensics, electronics, radio and navigation.

We put people in a position where quality and teamwork are essential to their success, and then we show them how - by creating a collaborative climate of shared problem solving, mutual support, honest feedback and open communication they can succeed.

We prove the power of team culture.

We deliver this transition through a game because most people are more confident in games than they are in reality. They forget what they have decided they can't do and they just do it.

Of course because our game is firmly set in reality it means that everything they achieve in the game, is actually an achievement in reality also.

Finally, we make sure each person takes their achievement away with them, in their head, and in their hand, as a real functioning radio. (No, it's not a crystal set, it's better than that.)

So if you were looking for a fun day out then there is plenty to choose from. But if you are looking to see an increase in capability, confidence and cooperation in your staff, talk to us about Alien Artefact 202 - an unreal adventure in the real world.

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Alien Artefact 202


You won't need any special technical experience and you don't need to have worked for MI5, but it helps.

You will need a coat and a good set of boots, because this is not a computer game. This is a full 2 days of adventure in real places around the Medway River in North Kent.

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The Radio Activity


Anyone and everyone can build a radio. For those for whom the challenge of Alien Artefact 202 is simply too much.

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