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Team Building

Organisations are coming to expect team building to be more than cart racing, or a chat by a well known football player. They are coming to expect team building to initiate lasting and positive changes, in terms of their people, and the quality of what those people can deliver.

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Reality Games

"An epic win is an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it. It was almost beyond the threshold of imagination and when you get there you are shocked by what you are capable of." Jane McGonigal.

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The Radio Activity


This is a 4-hour indoor fun learning activity for over 14-year-olds, or over 8-year-olds if accompanied by an adult. A day can be arranged for groups of 12 to 48.

So far everybody has had a working radio to take home at the end.

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Alien Artefact 202


This is a 3½-day indoor and outdoor adventure for over 18-year-olds, or over 14-year-olds if accompanied by an adult. Dates can be arranged for groups of 8 to 16 people. They won't need any special technical experience and they don't need to have worked for MI5, but it helps.

They will need a coat and a good set of boots, because this is not a computer game. This is an adventure in the real world.

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